Australian Air League: e-learning student pilot training

The Australian Air League provides high school aged students the opportunity to learn to fly.

Part of their training requirement is to memorise the actions to take during an emergency, then carry out those actions in flight.

The actions are provided to the pilots in the form of an in-cockpit checklist for reference. 

After reviewing the checklist, and discovering there was no other training material, I developed an e-learning module. This would provide student pilots with visual prompts and memory aids over and above internalised visualisation via reading a checklist.

In the e-learning module, I included mnemonic acronyms, sequence recall, and pattern familiarisation to assist with developing a muscle memory.

I wrote the script, and used X-Plane and Photoshop to create the visuals, and Storyline to create the interactions.

Student pilots reported positive feedback to the e-learning module. Feedback indicated the e-learning module assisted their ability to remember the required procedures. Feedback from flight instructors completing in-flight assessment was also positive.