Australian Securities & Investments Commission: personas

The ASIC CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was being upgraded. The client needed to understand the users of the application, how they used it, and the how it could better support their goals.

Personas assist us to understand who our users are and their experiences, and so the process of creating personas sits within the problem space of the Double Diamond. By understanding our users, we are able to keep them in mind as we move to the solution space (Develop and Deliver) of the Double Diamond.

The first step was to identify, at a high level, who was actually using the product. This information was unearthed by finding the relevant stakeholder then asking them to run a database query. Segments identified included teams, the roles within the teams, and the number of staff in each role.

I sought 12 volunteers that represented an even spread from each role. From these volunteers, I held interviews to devise anonymous user profiles. 

I asked each of the 12 participants to describe their most relevant scenario.

I then consolidated into a digestible and relatable format the information collected so far by creating 3 personas. To identify the relevant information, I identified the most commonly occurring feedback for each of the three job roles, and expanded on the scenarios.

Three personas, each representing a different job level, and characterised as the the ‘Do-er’, the ‘Jack-of-all-trades’, and the ‘Supervisor’ were created. All content that populated the scenarios was based on information collected in segmentation,  profiles and scenarios, ensuring representation of real life users.